Common Repairs on the 1st Generation Volvo C30

The First Generation Volvo C30 was manufactured from 2006-2013. This trendy hatchback features a flashing brake light system, safety cameras, advanced pedestrian protection, and much more. Although this stylish import is highly praised, like any new car, it is known for a few common problems.

Intermittent Starting Issues: Some drivers have reported that, with some regularity, their C30 fails to start on the first or even the fifth attempt. A faulty battery, alternator, starter, and/or wiring, among other parts and systems, could be responsible for this malfunction.

Vibrations at Idle: Some C30 owners have noted that, while in drive or park, their car vibrates. Faulty engine mounts or struts could be the source of the problem, or the issue might be within the automobile’s software.

A/C Failure: If your C30’s A/C fails to cool your Volvo, the fan might be broken or there could be a leak in the system. Typically, however, a broken condenser is at fault.

ABS Pump Module Failure: The anti-lock brake system is an important safety feature. If you notice the anti-skid warning light or suspect brake-related problems for any reason, contact a professional as soon as possible.

Rear Suspension Problems: Rear suspension problems have also been noted. More specifically, suspension arm failures can lead to concerning noises, and it is likely that your import could need replacement parts.

If you have any questions or concerns about your C30 Volvo, visit your nearby Volvo service expert. These professionals will be familiar with your make and model, and they will be passionate about the brand. Moreover, they will be able to offer affordable repairs, and they will be aware of recalls and warranties specific to your C30, which can result in further savings.

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