Common Repairs on the 1st Generation Volvo S80

Volvo introduced their new line of cars with their flagship vehicle: the S80. The first generation of the S80, which ran from 1998 to 2006, featured rigid environmental specifications, a unique gearbox, and numerous safety systems that were state of the art upon release. Even with such a magnificent vehicle problems can develop, and some of the most common ones experienced by owners are:

Headlight Condensation: Water forms on the inside of the light and eventually leads to a cloudy/foggy headlight. There is a good chance that the condensation is caused by a faulty seal somewhere around the headlamp itself.

Clunking Sounds When Turning: You turn the wheel and it sounds as though the car is going to collapse underneath you. This problem isn’t accompanied by any check engine light, leaving you completely in the dark regarding its cause.

Transmission Slipping: The transmission drops out of gears and is generally unreliable. Check your engine oil first to make sure that you aren’t destroying the transmission completely.

Trunk Opening Issues: If you can’t access your trunk, you also can’t access your car’s battery. This could be a real problem. First generation Volvo S80 owners say that they physical key doesn’t work, but that the electronic button will give them access.

Sunroof Problems: Strange sounds coming from the ceiling and an unbalanced sunroof may indicate that the balance rails have, in fact, become unbalanced.

All of these problems—and many more—can be taken care of by a professional at a specialized Volvo service center. Bring your 1st generation Volvo S80 there for a complete check up by the people who know the vehicle the best.

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