1st Generation Volvo S80 Trunk Opening Issues

Volvo introduced the S80 in 1998 as the flagship of their company-wide overhaul. The 1st generation S80 came with several different engine options and the most up-to-date safety features. Some owners report that they have issues unlocking and opening the trunk.

Being able to open all the doors of your car is a pretty important factor in operating your automobile. This is why the problem so many 1st generation S80 owners are frustrated to find that they are having difficulty accessing their trunks. Because the S80’s battery is in the trunk, an inability to open the door may result in some rather unfortunate situations, especially if the battery dies. Most owners with this problem say that their electronic key works fine, but that they can’t open the trunk without it, and that the button located above the license plate does nothing.

There are several possible causes and solutions. Some people have taken their 1st generation Volvo S80s to a locksmith and had a new key cut for their trunk—a rather costly procedure that shouldn’t need to happen. Others are trying to use their key in the emergency latch, which requires a completely different key than the one used to start the car. Still more people find that their trunk locks works fine and that they need to put the key in the front door and turn it twice before the trunk will unlock.

These are all relatively simple solutions, but you might still find yourself with a sealed up trunk. It might then be that there is a blown fuse somewhere in the car or that the electrical wires connecting the trunk lock to the rest of the car have frayed. Taking your 1st generation Volvo S80 to a specialized Volvo repair expert can solve all your trunk problems, and they can figure out exactly where and why the problem is occurring and get your trunk working in no time at all.

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