1st Generation Volvo XC60 Acceleration Problem

High quality materials and world-class engineering combine to make the Volvo XC60 a pleasantly surprising example of a compact crossover SUV in today’s luxury market. These small sport utilities are safe and comfortable, two characteristics that rank high on anyone’s wish list when shopping for a new car. The Volvo XC60 is spacious enough to hold all of your groceries or luggage, with enough power to provide quick acceleration. Though most Volvo’s never have a problem with the latter, some do experience issues when accelerating.

A common complaint for some Volvo drivers, this acceleration problem manifests itself in a number of ways. Most frequently it is reported as the engine ‘choosing’ a speed and then never wavering from it, no matter how hard the accelerator is pressed. It is also reported as a very slow acceleration, not the normal shifting that is expected. No warning lights typically appear with this issue, which may grow worse over time.

Many times this occurs after the vehicle has been taken in for a recall and is suspected to be a software issue with the all-wheel drive Geartronic system. It may also be triggered by a malfunction in a temperature sensor in the engine. In either case, it is best to have your vehicle examined by a professional if you are experiencing this type of issue.

The friendly staff of experienced mechanics at your local import service center can cheaply and effectively evaluate your vehicle to determine the exact cause of acceleration problems with your Volvo XC60. They will set your mind at ease and save you time and money versus an appointment at a dealership.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.