1st Generation Volvo XC90 A/C Delay

The Volvo First Generation XC90 has been manufactured from 2002-present, and it was introduced at the 2002 Detroit Motor Show. This Swedish import is a crossover SUV available in front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. Despite its impressive features, including an innovative whiplash protection system, this luxury vehicle, like any automobile, has a few common problems like A/C delay.

Drivers oftentimes notice this issue when humidity is high and the SUV has been sitting. In the event of such problems, an owner might check the refrigerant levels. Most A/C-related XC90 issues, however, are significantly more complicated to resolve.

Some drivers have accepted the wait as a normal occurrence, suspecting that the cause is leftover vapors or that the import waits until the evaporator is cool to begin directing its air toward the cabin. This being said, some owners notice this inconvenience only after a frontal-impact accident. Regardless, replacing the condenser and/or the associated pulleys might resolve the problem altogether, but such replacements, unless you are quite certain that they will correct the problem, could be a waste of money.

For professional assistance with complicated XC90 issues, contact a nearby import service shop. These highly skilled technicians will be familiar with your crossover SUV and its common problems, and they will have the proper tools to efficiently repair your luxury import vehicle. They will be aware of warranties and recalls, and they will understand that a comfortable cabin temperature is essential to the enjoyment of your Swedish import. Finally, these independent experts will be happy to help you at a more affordable rate.

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