1st Generation Volvo XC90 Brake Problems

The First Generation Volvo XC90 was manufactured from 2002-present and is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. This four-door Swedish import is available in four-wheel and front-wheel drive, and it is praised for its high-tech safety features, including advanced crumple-zone technology. Nevertheless, like any new vehicle, the XC90 has demonstrated a handful of common issues, such as brake problems.

A variety of brake-related issues have been reported. For example, some garages have diagnosed failed calipers, worn pads, or faulty disks. Sometimes, the first sign of trouble is the ABS warning light. This dashboard warning, however, could indicate a malfunctioning control module. Regardless, your XC90 will most likely require replacement parts.

Similarly, the XC90 has also demonstrated handbrake issues. Unfortunately, sometimes the handbrake does not hold this Swedish import in place when the luxury crossover SUV is parked on a hill. A variety of failures could be responsible for this issue, including a broken brake shoe or a lose cable. The cable might need tightening, which is done via the 10mm bolt near the lower end of the lever. In order to perform this maintenance, however, the mechanic will need to remove plastic trim and other covering materials. The technician will also need to be familiar with how the leverage should feel.

For quality service and repairs at an affordable price, consider your nearby independent Swedish import garage. Like the dealership, these professionals will be familiar with your First Generation XC90 and its common issues. Moreover, they will have cost-effective solutions, and they will be familiar with your SUV’s recalls and warranties, which can result in further savings.

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