2nd Generation Volvo S40/V50 Brake Rattling Noise

The Volvo S40 is a compact sports sedan manufactured with an eye for safety and quality. Volvo’s second generation sedan addresses many of the mechanical problems and styling issues first generation S60 owners often complained of. Though Volvo has taken great pains to ensure the second generation S40 is mechanically sound, some mechanical problems persist for Volvo drivers.

Often, Volvo S40 drivers report a loud rattling noise at the rear of the car that sounds as if the rear brakes are rattling. The rattling noise is cyclical, so it oscillates in time with the movement of the wheels. These owners say that although braking does not seem to be affected, it is rather unnerving hearing the rattle every time they brake.

Usually, if the brake pads, calipers and wheels are examined in this situation, there is no clear damage to them. Sometimes, the springs on the brake pads may be loose or worn. This type of examination clearly requires a place to work and a certain amount of skill in taking the wheels off, and is not very practical for the average driver, nor an amateur mechanic. They might need the proper tools for balancing and alignment as well.

If you notice a rattling while braking, or any other type of unusual noise while driving your Volvo S40/V50, we urge you to visit the friendly service mechanics at your local Volvo service center. They have the right equipment to properly diagnose any strange noises or situations may experience with your Volvo and repair them promptly.

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