2nd Generation Volvo S40/V50 Sunroof Problems

The S40 by Swedish auto maker Volvo is one of the most recognizable European compact sedans on the market today. The S40 or the slightly faster V50 offer all of the technology and economy of average European models, but at a slightly lower price than some of its better known competitors. Volvo S40 owners are typically people who seek all of the safety and durability the Volvo name is known for, but with many of the perks more often associated with sports cars.

Though Volvo has a wide variety of amenities it offers on its S40 and V50 models, one that gives many owners fits is the sunroof. They have reported that although they can hear the motor working when the push the automatic roof button, the window does not move, or it may move in jerky motions or only open or close partway. Obviously a roof that is stuck open is a major problem on a rainy day!

Often, the problem may be a failure of the motor that opens and closes the sunroof. Sometimes, the actuating arms inside the roof are out of alignment and does not allow the motor to push on them and open the roof. Because the cause of this problem may be either electrical or mechanical in nature, it can be tricky for the home mechanic to properly isolate the cause of this issue. We recommend taking you Volvo to a professional mechanic.

The experienced team of professionals at your local Volvo service center have the knowledge and expertise to quickly and easily identify the cause of this or any other problem you may be experiencing with your Volvo S40/V50. They will make sure your car is returned to you good as new in little to no time at all.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.