2nd Generation Volvo S60/V60 Active Cruise Control Problems

While the Volvo car company got its start as a maker of ball bearings way back in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden, they certainly make a lot more than that today. One of the more popular vehicles produced by Volvo is the second generation V60 made from 2010 to present day. Based on the S60 model, this car is generally pretty worry free, however, mechanical issues do occur from time to time.

One issue that has been reported by 2nd generation S60/V60 Volvo owners concerns the cruise control feature. Apparently, the active cruise control has been known to stop for no reason. Despite the driver not touching the gas pedal or the brake pedal, the vehicle's cruise control system disengages and the car starts to slow down. The problem has been known to occur intermittently and if allowed to do so will come to a complete stop. The emergency brake will also come on just before the car comes to a stop.

Of course, while the option to not use the cruise control feature is certainly available to drivers who are experiencing this problem, it can certainly be disconcerting. The problem can also be an indicator of a more serious issue. The cruise control feature helps save fuel and money and has become relied upon by car owners.

If you are the owner of a 2nd generation S60 or a V60 model and are experiencing an issue when using the cars active cruise control feature, it is recommended that you take your vehicle in to a trained import technician for an evaluation.

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