2nd Generation Volvo S60/V60 Wind Noise at 50mph

The Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, has been producing the S60 model for almost fifteen years. After introducing the car in 2000, Volvo would debut the second generation S60/V60 a decade later. The great features and sturdy, well-built look of this compact sports vehicle has come to be relied on by its owners, but sometimes it does experience issues that require the attention of a professional.

Some owners of the second generation Volvo S60/V60, produced from 2010 to the present, have reported an issue with the wind noise that is emitted from both sides of the car's front doors. This noise becomes apparent at speeds of roughly fifty miles per hour. Owners are careful to note that this is not the whistling noise that can be fairly common when coming from the side mirrors, but rather it is definitely coming from the door itself.

At least one owner who has reported this issue to a mechanic was advised that the problem was not a fault with the V60's mechanics, but rather a result of the design of the vehicle itself. It would be difficult to determine how much wind noise would be considered normal without conducting experiments where the car was driven to reach speeds in excess of fifty miles per hour.

While this issue may simply be a result of the design of the vehicle. It may be worthwhile to have the vehicle checkout by a local, specialized import maintenance mechanic.

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