2nd Generation Volvo V70 Hard Transmission Shifting/Noises in Cold Weather

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo first began producing the V70 five door station wagon in 1997. Two years later, Volvo followed up with the second generation of the mid-size which it debuted in 2000 and produced until 2007. Volvo has a reputation for safety and reliability but sometime owners do experience problems with their cars that require them to seek the help of a professional mechanic.

Some Volvo owners who live in areas of the country with colder temperatures, have experienced loud shuddering and clanging noises when they attempt to shift gears. As annoying as this noise is, it does seem to resolve itself after the car has been driven for a mile or two.

A few Volvo owners who have experienced this problem were advised by friends and sometimes mechanics that the transmission needs to be flushed out. Another way that owners have addressed the problem is to have their transmissions reprogrammed and the cars' computer software updated. If these solutions work, then a mechanic should be able to fix the problem for your or advise you on other possible repair scenarios. If you live in a part of the country that experiences freezing weather, you do not want to take a chance on your car stalling out on the highway.

If your second generation V70 Volvo is experiencing hard shifts in the car's transmission that is worse in cold weather, then you should bring your vehicle in to a local import service shop for a diagnosis and estimate for repair. You could save money over a dealership as well.

Search for a local, independent Volvo repair shop with Volvo mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.