Volvo Oil Light: Why is it Illuminated?

What does it look like: An old-fashioned oil can

What color is it: Red

What does it mean: The red oil light indicates a malfunction somewhere within the oil component. This can indicate a warning of a low level of oil, no oil at all, or low oil pressure, which means the pump isn’t properly circulating your car’s oil. It can also mean your oil pressure sensor is faulty or your oil pump needs to be replaced.

What to do when it comes on: Don’t ignore this light, as this can lead your car to break down on the side of the road or become dangerous to other drivers if an accident occurs.

If the oil light appears when you are driving, get to a safe place as soon as possible and turn the engine off. Check the oil level. If there is little oil on the dipstick, don’t turn the engine back on. You risk extensive damage to your Volvo’s engine if you continue to drive, since oil is not properly lubricating the surfaces.

What steps need to be taken to turn light off: If the oil level is low after checking, add more oil if you have it with you. Start the engine again and if the light has disappeared, you are good to go for now. It would be wise to find a local Volvo mechanic to find out why it came on in the first place, such as if a leak is present.

If the red oil light remains, do not drive your vehicle. Get your Volvo towed to the nearest independent Volvo shop and have them fully inspect it. They will check for leaks, see if the oil pressure sensor may have become detached or broken, as well as inspect the oil pump.