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Columbia City, IN 46725 US
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Qualified Volvo service technician and business owner. At Stan's Service & Repair, we specialize in Volvo vehicles. Volvo repair, Volvo maintenance and Volvo service in Columbia City, IN.

10 Reviews

  • R deNyse
    R deNyse1 year ago

    Wife’s Volvo front seat got stuck while she was 2 hours away Stan took the time to explain what to do to get it fixed and get her home. I have been taken all the families cars (Volvo s70, c70, v70 and a xc70) there since he set up his own shop. He is extremely competent and fair, fixing only that which needs to be repaired and giving great advice on what needs to be done verses over the top commercial shops. Never any thing approaching an adverse situation. Highly recommend him to reasonable people.

    2007 Volvo V 70
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  • Joel T
    Joel T1 year ago

    Terrible experience that could have ended in a physical altercation. Made an appointment to have some suspension work done a couple of weeks in advance. He allowed me to buy my own parts, which was nice. But I started getting a power system warning and had noticed some oil burning off the engine. I contacted him that Monday, appointment was on Friday. Asked that we change this appt to figuring out that more urgent problem while saving all the suspension work for next time. He confirmed this was fine, in writing.

    I get there and he asks what parts I brought for him. He seemed agitated from the start. I remind him that he affirmed my request from Monday to change the nature of the appt. He then gets aggressive, getting in my face arguing a point that is easily confirmed. Tells me that "You're killing me. I had 8 hours of work scheduled on this car today." All he had to do was look at his texts to see he was mistaken. He actually flicked my chest in anger. This is a 6'3" 230 pound man bullying. At that point, I was furious. I told him not to touch me and walked away. Then sent him a screen shot of the communication. He responded with a generic "I'm sorry I can't help you," even after I repeatedly brought up the fact that he, by definition, assaulted me and the fact that he should be apologizing for that. He then gave some excuse that he doesn't have time to read everything. Ridiculous. No apology for being wrong about details or touching me in anger, no denial either. I drove an hour to get there as well. From my experience, Stan isn't a person who takes responsibility for his actions. There's no way I'd trust him with a vehicle.

    2008 Volvo xc90
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  • Allana Coulter
    Allana Coulter2 years ago

    We first found Stan shortly after we purchased our first Volvo. We has previously used a few import garages and dealers that had given us incorrect information about repairs and all around bad service. Finding Stan has been an absolute blessing! Stan is the most honest, fair and educated mechanics you will ever find! Because of Stan, we have grown to love Volvos even more. Stan is always happy to check out vehicles for us prior to us purchasing them. He completes all jobs in a timely manor and his pricing is more than fair. Thank you Stan for all of your hard work and dedication!!

    1998 Volvo V70 T5
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  • Donald Bodey
    Donald Bodey4 years ago

    I have had nine different Volvos, starting in 1966, when I bought a college-student 'beater. I've lived in a lot of different sections of the country and dealt with many, many dealers and repairmen-in Florida, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, and Indiana. I've been helped and I've been given the runaround. I've had big bills for bad work, been shouted at and apologized to, for having a Volvo that needed work, by people with nowhere near Stan's knowledge. He doesn't sell anything. He is the best Volvo mechanic I've ever met.He knows a lot and still studies a lot.

    He is extremely honest. I had an S-80 (worst of the Volvo line) that he babied until a computer went out. I think he told me there were 21 computers in that car. And he told me it wasn't worth fixing. Nowadays he services my 29-year-old with 300K, and not long ago he told me "we'll keep this old dog hunting." That's the attitude I want from somebody I trust my car to.

    Stan represents what he does. He built his shop, and if you look around it, you'll see it's always clean and organized. He is an artist with tools. Watch him work. Nothing unnecessary and he is always a step ahead in the procedure. He is really good at what he does. He's not pretentious or condescending to us non-mechanic-types. Again, he represents what he does, by doing it right.

    1988 Volvo 740
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  • Michael Lewellen
    Michael Lewellen4 years ago

    Stan has worked on numerous Volvos of mine for 25 years. He has always provided me with the very best service, timely turn around, and extremely fair pricing. I have driven 7 different Volvos well in excess of 200,000 miles, all due in large part to Stan's knowledge and technical ability. I happily entrust all of my vehicles to Stan's care.

    2010 Volvo V70 3.2
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  • Jerry Pepple
    Jerry Pepple4 years ago

    Stan updated the computer an changed the oil an filter at a very reasonable price. Very satisfied with his work!

    1998 Volvo S70
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  • Alex
    Alex5 years ago

    Stan has worked on my car for many years and I've never had any problems. Sounds like Ron might be more of the problem than Stan. Stan is a great guy and will give you the best service humanly possible!

    1998 Volvo S70
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  • Dale Warner
    Dale Warner6 years ago

    Stan has maintained 6 Volvos for our family over the past 25 years....great professional and friendly service! I bring 2 Volvos back from Minnesota periodically just to get the proper service! Absolutely top rate service!

    2004 Volvo XC90
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  • P.G.
    P.G.6 years ago

    Stan is the best around. Knowledge, skill, and reasonable rates.

    2005 Volvo s40
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  • Ron Timmons
    Ron Timmons7 years ago

    Took my car there for repair. Said it has an issue with the throttle body and needs replaced. So he replaced it. It had been replaced under recall previously. I still had same issue with car 5 miles down the road uplon leaving the shop it stopped running. I called him and he pretty much told me I was stuck and he won't tow it. It was snowing and no tow trucks would come so I had him take me home. Couple days later took car back so he could fix the same problem it had when I first brought it to him...he had the car for a week after I called multiple times no return calls. Then I called again and drove out there. He was on a test drive came back said my car was fixed. He charged me $1000 first time and now wanted to charge me again. He asked how I felt about it and I said not fair and he told me to get in my car leave property and never come back. He will not warranty his work and his attitude was poor towards me. He later called me back after I disputed charge on my credit card and he called me in the middle of night woke me and my family up out of bed yelling at me on the phone.

    I AM DUMBFOUNDED.... Shocked and in disbelief... If he had been cool and said he can't fix it he would have been paid something for trying but apparently this isn't his cup of tea. Maybe he can go back to a factory on an assembly line or something where he doesn't have to deal with people. I had a great respect for the guy in the beginning but now... Not so much. Left me stranded, broke down, overcharged and upset. Its just bad business. He even went as far as saying he called a former repair shop of mine and got my personal files. If u want more problems than what u already have go there. If not... Go elsewhere

    2001 Volvo S80 T6
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