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3 Reviews

  • Antonio
    Antonio4 years ago

    I was quite impressed with Robert, he is very knowledgeable, honest, and most importantly, he is willing to bypass a few dollars in order to save his customers money.

    I bought my volvo used and had it for three years. When I first got it, I took it to the dealer... I was not happy with the prices or the service. It was clear to me that profit was the big motivator and I had dollar signs over my head. I needed a good mechanic that I could trust.

    I searched my area and found Rawbear, Robert did a thorough check of my car, itemized and prioritized the issues he found. Most of the things the dealer tried to talk me into were not necessary and Robert let me know that. From that point on, Robert was the only mechanic I let touch that car.

    This was the first experience I had where I truly TRUSTED a mechanic and Robert proved himself worthy of that trust. He even let me know when it looked like the car was going to start costing me more in repairs than it was worth and suggested I sell it while it was still in good shape. What mechanic do you know that would leave money on the table like that in order to keep his customers happy?

    I drive an Audi now and I’m having the same problem with the dealer $1000.00 for front brakes and rotors…I wish Robert specialized in Audis instead of Volvos.

    Robert, if you wind up reading this, THANKS!! It was a pleasure.

    2005 Volvo S80 Turbo
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  • Alex Butkevich
    Alex Butkevich5 years ago

    Robert (Rawbear) has been servicing my many Volvos for several decades now. He has always solved issues other mechanics, closer to me, just shake their heads at. His rates are competitive and he knows what he's doing so charges are always less expensive than others'.

    2007 Volvo S60R
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  • Roy North
    Roy North5 years ago

    I have been using Rawbear for nearly ten years and have found Robert, the owner, to be the most honest and knowledgeable auto mechanic I've ever known. Once in a while I'll see a non-Volvo in his garage, but his business is virtually all Volvo. You couldn't be in better hands.

    1996 Volvo 850
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