European Autoworks

801 Poinsett Highway,
Greenville, SC 29609 US
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European Autoworks has over 60 years dealer and top independent experience. And, it is precisely this experience, and the knowledge we've gained in our time at Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volkswagen and Audi and that make us different from other independent garages.

Over the years we have learned what it means to own european vehicles, and, with that in mind, what we offer is a truly professional experience, personalized to each and every customer's individual needs. That's why at European Autoworks you will deal directly with one of our fully trained and qualified Technicians, not a middle-man or service advisor who has no real, hands on, knowledge of the best course of action for you and your vehicle - whatever the make.

Whether it be a simple service or a complex electrical problem we're sure our team can deal with it in the professional and efficient manner you deserve.