Common Repairs on the Volvo S90 II

The Volvo S90 II, introduced in 2016, is a premium luxury sedan that represents Volvo's commitment to sophistication, safety and advanced technology. Built on the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, the S90 II boasts elegant Scandinavian design with a spacious, luxurious interior. This sedan caters to those seeking a blend of style, comfort and cutting-edge technology in the premium segment. Some common issues to be aware of include:

Airbag Issues: The airbags might not deploy correctly in an accident for some 2016 year models. There have been recalls for this.

Steering Wheel Controls Malfunction: The steering wheel mounted controls are known to not work at intermittent times. Owners have specifically reported this occurs with the previous track and/or back button. Sometimes restarting the vehicle fixes this issue.

Engine Control Module (ECM) Issues: Software issues with the ECM may cause the pressure inside the fuel tank to not be able to release properly. Your S90 may stall without any warnings.

Faulty Fuel Pump Fuse: A specific fuse (15A), located in the fuel pump, has been known to blow with no warning. This can cause the vehicle to stall, since it is not providing fuel to the engine.

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