Common Repairs on the Volvo XC60 II

The 2nd Generation Volvo XC60 is a midsize luxury SUV that upholds the brand's reputation for safety and quality. Introduced in 2017, it builds on the success of its predecessor with a sleek, modern exterior and a well-appointed, comfortable interior. The 2nd gen XC60 blends elegance and advanced technology, therefore it is a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and cutting-edge midsize SUV. Common issues to be on the lookout for are listed below.

Transmission Problems: Owners have reported transmission slipping, shifting and a delayed engagement when shifting gears. It is recommended to bring your 2nd gen XC60 to a qualified Volvo mechanic shop.

Fuel System Issues: Some reports of owners complaining about poor fuel economy, which may indicate a faulty fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.

Suspension and Steering Issues: Owners have noted hearing a clunking noise from the suspension and feeling vibrations in the steering wheel.

Battery Issues: The battery in the 2nd gen XC60 can sometimes drain quickly and/or fail to hold a charge. This may be due to a faulty or dead battery, or issues with the charging system itself.

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