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Milwaukee Motorwerks is southeastern Wisconsin's largest independent European repair shop, and for good reason too! We offer quick turn around on all repairs, fast and accurate diagnostics of all problems and house dealership strength computer software to diagnose ABS, SRS, check engine lights, and chassis electrical problems with ease on ALL BMW's, Mercedes-Benz's, Audi's, Porsche's, Volkswagen's, SAAB's, and Land Rover's from 1980 to current. We offer services anywhere from regular maintenance to brakes and suspensions, all the way to complete engine rebuilds and everything in between. Our two convenient Waukesha, WI and Madison, WI locations offer a clean and comfortable place to bring your valued vehicle. Our Waukesha, WI location features a full size waiting area equipped with flat screen TV, comfortable leather couches, free WiFi internet, complimentary coffee and other hot drinks, as well as sodas and waters while you wait! We house only professional, ASE certified, European vehicle experienced mechanics that guarantee excellent service every time.

Milwaukee Motorwerks has saved hundreds of our customers, thousands of dollars in repairs through accurate and honest diagnostic work of problems. Most quotes and computer diagnostics we offer are of No Charge! Our honesty and professionalism has pushed us to being known as " The most recognized euro repair shop in Wisconsin". We are so confident, all of our work is backed with a 24-month - 24,000 mile warranty including parts and labor, double what the competition offers! Milwaukee Motorwerks has relied on little to no advertising to get to where we are today, our loyal customer base continues to tell friends, family and co-workers how excellent of a job we did, and for that we say "thank you!". Call or visit today to get a free quote for your repairs and maintenance or visit our website for more information!

1 Review

  • Dave Bonin
    Dave Bonin1 year ago

    The measure of a shop is not how things work out when everything goes well, but rather how things work out when things don't. The latter case was my experience and Milwaukee Motor Works took a bad turn and made it right. I believe I'm now one of their newest customers for life.

    Short version: One of the weak areas on some Volvos is the turntable bearing at the top of the strut. This is the upper pivot that permits steering. The labyrinth "seal" in the bearings can let water in, turning the shiny balls and races into tiny rusty peas running in a rusty groove. This messes up the steering, making it noisy, grindy and a bit sticky.

    I replaced the strut bearings and lower control arms (balljoints) myself several years ago, on my garage floor, with hand tools. It took me three days. Not a fun job, and not one I wanted to repeat.

    When one of the turntable bearings went bad again, I went to Milwaukee Motor Works on the advice of a friend with a LandRover. MMW's quoted price was good and far less than the only Volvo dealer in town.

    Unfortunately, my front struts had also started leaking, which increased the price. Nothing wrong with that but the increase was steep with all-Volvo parts. MMW suggested using alternate parts made by the same manufacturers as the Volvo parts. Ok, sure. Their suggestion cut the cost quite a bit.

    I got the car back and everything was fine -- for a while. Then the suspension started getting creaky. It was intermittent at first. I took it back in to MMW. They made some adjustments and retorqued a few bolts. (They even fixed a tire leak and rotated my tires for my trouble, both for free.) My car was good for a while, and then the noise started up again. To be fair, I was driving very little due to Covid, and we both wondered whether the noise might be due to lubrication squeezing out of joints over time or rubber bushings drying out.

    Fast forward a bit. The noise was still there and trending worse the few times I drove my car. Something clearly needed to be done and MMW did it.

    They replaced both struts, both turntable bearings, and the bearing mountings with Volvo parts. The only cost was price difference between the old parts and Volvo parts. No labor charges. No arguing. No hassle. And they did it while I waited. Boom, boom done!

    They've since replaced my noisy A/C expansion valve -- another known Volvo weakness -- for a fair price and quick work. What more can I ask for?

    Now that I'm in my 60's, I'm not as keen to tackle big car projects. I'll probably never do another head gasket or timing belt myself. I'm glad I found Milwaukee Motor Works.

    2012 Volvo S60
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