13903 Via de Jamul,
Jamul, CA 91935 US
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Jolvo repair serving Jamul, CA. and the Greater San Diego area.

Simply put...the Volvoman/MikeSchreiber services and repairs all years and all models of Volvo. If you were to read his resume, it would include the following....1975-1977, attended and graduated a 2-year auto tech school in Green Bay, WI...1977-1990 worked as a general line mechanic for Kirk/El Cajon Volvo reaching Master Volvo Technician and ASE Master Technician status. 1991 to present, opened his own Volvo speciality shop which is now in Jamul, CA 91935. Mike is also a member of the BBB and BAR {bureau of auto repair} License # AL 175373